Psychic Ray LA and…BOFFO is the Dope of the Day?! | Best Bits of The Worst Year Ever Recap: Ep. 4


Boffo and Joe look back to when Boffo had his piranha cleaned out and when he played himself on Dope of the Day!
New episodes and a new look coming very soon!

Who is Boffo the Bear?

Comedian. Icon. Genius. Words alone aren’t enough to describe Boffo The Bear. Back in the day, Boffo burst into America’s living rooms as the 1st bear to host a TV game show, “You Bet Your Life,” in the late 1950’s. He headlined nightclubs, then took Hollywood by storm, with appearances in major motion pictures like; Spartacus and When Harry met Sally and popular TV series, including Melrose Place.

His career was riding high until he was caught on TMZ throwing a food table upside down and threatening a crew member. He lost his endorsements, his show, and the Boffo universe went into hibernation. Until now.

Boffo is back in the spotlight with a new streaming show because he wants to do something to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, and bringing laughter to people is all he knows how to do. “If my new YouTube channel isn’t a hit, the Virus wins.” His comedic talk and entertainment show premiered in April 2020 on Facebook, making Boffo the very first cartoon in history to host a live world-wide program. In June, the weekly show moved to Boffo’s own YouTube Channel to serve his growing army of fans and chat-room regulars called “The Chat Pack.”

Boffo’s fast-paced live shows combine edgy celebrity interviews, comedic monologues and remote sketches to delight fans the world over. And brands have flocked to sponsor the show, eager to connect with his rabid fans.

Boffo’s show is produced by cutting edge VR/AR/Animation studio, Amazing Cartoon Factory. It was founded in late 2019 to bring Boffo to life on the Main Stage of ComicConLA, and create the first real-time, virtual celebrity comedian capable of interacting live with humans. The founders, accomplished Hollywood VFX Supervisor Julian Sarmiento and Emmy Award winning comedian/animation voice actor Mark DeCarlo, adapted MARVELous 21st-century feature film motion performance technology to create the world’s first comedic influencer and launch him into pop culture.

“When the pandemic stopped the world in its tracks, people needed a reason to go on living,” Boffo explains. “I am that reason. Each week I provide my fans and followers with the gift of laughter. There’s nothing more important than that. Well, there is, but you need to be in the same room for that stuff, and I can only do so much… But I will say, ‘Once you go bear, you ALWAYS go there!’”

Boffo LOVES the chat rooms.
Unlike some celebrities who farm out their social media interactions with fans, Boffo himself spends hours a day chatting and responding to fans in his YouTube chats to keep them laughing. “It’s the least I can do – some viewer sends me a comment, I respond. It makes their day, and mine. I love connecting with my fans… because they’re as warped as I am.”

This intimate, real-time interaction between Boffo and his growing fan base is the main reason the show is growing so fast. Well that, and the Cancun vacation he gives away to a fan every week. Boffo ends each show with his catch phrase “Ya Gotta Love me!” More and more each day, its looking like America agrees.

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